How Spring Creek Video Works:

You are three steps and a couple of minutes away from creating a customized video that will...

  1. pick your USP (Unique Selling Position)
  2. Design your marketing movie. You decide how long it is, what clips you want, the music and even add your own images and logos. No two videos are ever the same.
  3. Wait for it... wait for it... This is the hard part but absolutely necessary and what makes Spring Creek Productions different. Once you create your movie, you can preview a sample but one of our professional editors will personally edit your final product. We may need to adjust audio, maybe add some dissolves or correct your images and anything else to make it perfect and unique. You can lean on your editor as much or as little as you wish for help or advice. Often we can turn your video around the same day but no later than 48 hours. We hate waiting just like you. Your video will be sent to you in a format you can give your web programmer to add to your site. You can upload it to any or all video sites (youtube,vimeo etc...) and even burn a DVD if you want. It's your creation to share.

Part of the reason profesional marketing videos are expensive is because they work. They help you stand out as the expert and greatly increase your web presence. You know, higher on Google. (You can learn more about why video helps your website in Why It Works (make hyperlink) but you probably already know they work simply because you watch videos yourself. The number of silly, poorly produced videos on profesional sites further demonstrates the fact that while people know they want it they lack the ability to do it well. Why would they? After all you're a dentist not a film maker. What if you could have a customized, profesional marketing piece produced without the cost, time and headaches of traditional production?

We have it in the can:

Spring Creek has t professional script writers, the on -air talent, the editors, graphic designers and everyone else to create your professional movie and make your practice the star.

Spring Creek Productions has focused on producing content for dentist for over two decades. We're not just a production company. We're a production company that know the difference between CO and CR (and the debates it will cause) and best of all we know what succesful dentist all over the world are saying in their marketing message to keep current and bring in new patients. We are the production company for HDiQ Dental (hyperlink) and have worked with nearly every dentist lecturing today and we use their shared wisdom to help you build your practice.

We have hired the professional script writers, the on -air talent, editors, graphic designers and everyone else to create your professional movie.

Are you ready for your close up:

The idea behind Spring Creek Productions is create a simple to use interface that creates extraordinary results at a remarkable affordable price. The "no brainer" kind of decision. However, we are of course a full service production company and if you would like an even more customized video, no problem. Here are a few examples. We can also help you take full advantage of your videos by optimizing your SEO or help you use HTML 5 or other tools to help you send out your video or videos to your current or potential patients.